Art activity


• 2002 – 2008 – ceramics and sculpture studio;
• 2005 – 2009 – art school;
• 2008 – 2012 – computer technology specialist (Lviv);
• 2012 – 2018 – Master of Fine Arts (Odesa)

• 2018 – 2022 – Co-founder and art director of Pro|stranstvo magazine. (Since the beginning of the war, the magazine stopped working)


2023 – personal exhibition EXIT FROM (Gent, Belgium)
2022 – personal exhibition “Every day: born-die-born-die-born…” (Vorona Gallery, Berlin, Germany)
2022 – personal exhibition “While you were sleeping” (Gallery Berliner)
2021 – group project “Sorge” (Invogue ART Gallery, Odesa)
2021 – “Dolls. Knowledge of the World” – video art (Museum of Western and Eastern Art. Odesa)
2020 – project “Yellow brick”
2020 – personal exhibition “Forgotten Сamino and other roads” (Media holding, Odesa)
2020 / March / – participation in the exhibition “Allegory of Spring” (Summer Theater, Odesa)
2019 – personal exhibition CHICAS Y EL CAMINO (Girls and the way). The first part of the project #footpalms. Odesa
2018 – participation in the exhibition “I: MIRROR” (gallery at the museum of personal collections named after A. V. Bleschunov, Odesa)
2017 – participation in the regional exhibition of the LLC “To the Day of the Artist of Ukraine”
2017 – personal exhibition of painting “Blue Room” (Odesa)
2017 – participation in the art festival Newwaveexhibition (Lviv)
2016 / December / exhibition-fair “de dance angels”
2016/November/ – joint exhibition of batik “Warm in cold”
2016 / November / – 1st place in the nomination of arts and crafts, composition FISH (group work, festival “Odesa wave”)
2016 / July / – joint exhibition “Fish Siesta” (ceramics and graphics, Odesa)
2016/April/- personal photo exhibition “The Eternal Wanderer” (Odessa)
2016 – collection of poems and graphics ETERNAL PILGRIM
2016 / April / – joint exhibition “Symbol of internal search” (painting, Odesa)
2016 – participation in the international exhibition “Spring”
2015 – participation in the international project “Sunrise”
2015 – participation in Odesa Street Art Fest
2013 – personal exhibition (painting, graphics) “In pursuit of the moment” (Odesa, gallery “Exit”)
July 2011 / 2013 – participation in the exhibition “Rock in Colors” within the framework of the rock festival “Invasion” (Russia)
2011 – personal exhibition Zublevich ART (Lviv)

Olena Zublevich is an artist who combines various types of visual art and travel.

Main activities

Painting; graphic design, illustration, photography. Additional areas of activity: motion, video, music, writing, research, philosophy, psychology.

Area of interest – the study of the influence of space on a thing / object (types of spaces, mutual influence of space and a person, etc.).

About creativity

Painting in technology is closer to expressionism, impressionism with a touch of the Odessa school of painting. I transmit states/energy/feelings through images of nature, people and other various forms and phenomena.


In connection with the war that began on February 24, 2022, she left Odesa, Ukraine. Now I live in Spain, Valencia. 

About lifestile

I travel; I photograph; I play some avant-garde music on the piano, rock on the guitar, fun on the ukulele; Vegetarian for over 12 years. I run. I love to ride my bike along the sea. I love to love people.

There is no time – there is life.

I strive for simplicity.

To contact me in real time, you can use the mail or social networks.