Exhibition Exit From 2023

January 20 opens the exhibition of paintings by Olena Zublevich “Exit From”, Galerie Resonans, Zuidstationstraat 20, Gent, Belgium.

The exhibition is available for viewing 20-22, 27-29 January, from 14:00 to 18:00 pm.

Galerie Resonans Zuidstationstraat 20, Gent, Belgium.

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    Exit From – the name of the exhibition. But to understand what this exhibition is about, you need to tell a little about what was before.
    The main theme of my work is the study of the influence of spaces on the object, including on humans. What spaces are, how they promote the manifestation of creative energy or vice versa – suppress it. How generally they manifest the essence of the object under study.

    Most of the paintings of the exhibition were created in Odessa over the past 10 years. Actually during my life in the Ukrainian city by the sea. Three key projects “Blue Room” 2017, “NogiPalmas” 2019, “Yellow Brick” – all of them are connected with space, with travel and travel. And each of them was given COLOR.

    The first project “Blue Room” was entirely devoted to the manifestation of the object outside the visible space. I took an object out of material space and placed it in a symbolically divine space, which would illuminate the truth that the object was radiating. So basically, I was exploring the interior of space, trying to see if it came out. So, intuitively, I chose blue. Mostly in paintings – blue – is an imprimatur, the first layer, often background.
    The second big project “NogiPalmas” was devoted to the study of outer space, namely the urban environment and nature. Special attention was paid to this kind of wandering as “pilgrimage”. Therefore, the main color was red – as earth, as blood, as passion.

    And the last of the above-mentioned projects was already about the interaction between human beings and space, including the issues of consumerism and inner perfection. This big triptych has taken up all my experiences from previous years.

    The main color was yellow. As a symbol of “attention”, “anxiety” and to some extent appetite – anticipation – “and what will happen next?”.
    And then the war began. And finally, approaching the very topic of the exhibition – “Exit From” – means to get out of all understandable spaces, to get out of the way. All that was before is over and the end. And what will be now depends only on action now. And what it will be after – the incomprehensible mystery of being.

    This is a unique event – to collect in one space such different works of different years of creation, different me, different periods. So I’m really looking forward to this and inviting everyone to join us. In addition to the paintings, there will be a small graphic exhibition created in Valencia in three months. 

    The exhibition is available for viewing 20-22, 27-29 January, from 14:00 to 18:00 pm.

    Galerie Resonans Zuidstationstraat 20, Gent, Belgium.

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